Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please grab an iBook, and get on google docs.
3.     Put your name on  both sides of pages 23 and24, and drop it in the drawer for me.
4.     Come see me to make sure both of your writing experiments printed yesterday, and tell me which one you want me to read and comment on.

Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies
Writing Experiment #8

What did you fear when you were young? 
·      Spiders?                                                                         
·      The dark?
·      The dark?
·      Zombies
·      The vacuum
·      Clowns
Tell me one thing you remember fearing when you were young:

ASSIGNMENT:  Write a poem about one of your childhood fears.

What I want you to do (fifteen minutes): 
1)            Write or type a poem that tells a story about a time you were afraid as a child.
2)            Type it/save it in google docs (your own personal folder).
3)             Use MLA format for heading.

Note:  Oftentimes a story or poem begins by answering a question.  Some questions make you want to write more than others.

Five Minutes—Read, Question and Comment
o  I will assign you a partner.
1.     Share your poem with that person on google docs.
2.   Carefully read your partner’s poem.
3.   TYPE FIVE QUESTIONS you have about what’s happening in the poem. 
4.   Make any positive comments you want to make.
5.   Make any editing corrections (cosmetic stuff) that you see need it.

Finally…. (five minutes)
1. Carefully read over the questions and comments.
2. Which TWO or THREE are tugging at you, asking you to answer them?
3. Pick your favorite questions, and go back to typing for another FIVE MINUTES.
4. Delete your partner’s comments as you address them.
5. Print a copy for me, front and back, and I’ll pick it up later.

Sharing and Dialogue-Editing
·       Partner Dialogue Story (Twenty Minutes)

End of Class
1.      Print a copy of your Partner Dialogue Story. 
2.     Circle your name at the top.
3.     Put it in the drawer.


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.

Love Timed Writing Journal (or Poem)! (Fifteen-ish minutes)
1.      I’m going to talk about the options (three) you can choose from, and I have two models to share with you for the How Do I Love Thee? option.
2.     Type, then print your journal/poem.  We’ll send someone to the printer, once everyone’s printed.

Love Writing Assignment #2:  "Valentine" by Carol Ann Duffy (Fifteen-ish minutes)
1.      I’ll read the original version of the poem, and then I’ll read a couple of the student models, which I think show the potential of this poem.
2.     Save them in the google docs class folder I’ve made.
3.     We’ll share them on a voluntary basis after lunch!

iBook Chores
·       Select ONE of your six-word memoirs (or more, if you so choose), and submit them at the following link:

After Lunch

·      …of Valentine Poems (your choice)

Brain Pain!  L
  • God Threw the Tip of the Dog in the Pit

·      None

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