Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!

Note to Natalee, Johannah, Beth, Anna and Sydney:

When you get to the part about peer conferencing, get on google docs and check out Clay's poem.  I used it as a guinea pig to show how to peer conference your partner's poem, making at least ten solid comments on it.  (Clay shared it with you, so go under "file" and "see revision history", and look at the comments I made in class today.

Natalee, Johannah and Beth, you guys do a triangle trade for your peer conferencing.

Sydney and Anna, you guys trade tomorrow night, after you get your revisions done.

E-mail me with questions!  :-)  

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Get your manila folder off the table.
3.     Do a folder log-in as you get your pieces back.

Notes and Reminders
1.      Thank you for sharing your cliché trio stories yesterday!  Those were fun to listen to!
2.     Don’t put anything in the Creative Writing folder/collection on google docs, unless you want everyone in the class to be able to view and edit it.
3.     Never use a lower case “i” for “I”—ever.

Organization--Unit One Review—Page 3
1.      What have we talked about so far?
2.     What writings have we done?
3.     What do we still have to think about, talk about, and write?
a.     Twenty-Question Quiz?
b.     Or Everybody Up?

Revision and Peer Conferencing:  I Am a Russian Tailor
1.      Follow the directions on your checklist!
2.     Fifteen to Twenty Minutes: 
3.     Peer Conferencing = Ten minutes

iBook Computer Business (5 minutes)
1.      Save ONE of your six-word memoirs (one you will read aloud to the class tomorrow) in the google docs for our class called “Original Six-Word Memoirs”.
2.     Sign off google docs, turn off your iBook, and plug it back into the cart now, please.

With Me at My Desk
·       Read my your Earliest Memory Poem aloud.   (About a third of the class did this with me today.)
·       Which do you feel is stronger—the paragraph, or the poem?  Why?

·       Your Original Six-Word Memoir (one of your three)

·       None


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.
2.     Do NOT get an iBook yet! 

Big Word for the Week = DICTION!  (Big Word for Next Week = MEMOIR)


Brain Pain:  A Difficult Sentence to Write     (two sentences)             (Ten minutes)
Write two sentences describing a recent visit you paid to the planet Jupiter. 
1.      In the first sentence, make every word come later in the alphabetical order than the one before it (A-Z).
2.     In the second sentence, make every word come earlier in alphabetical order than the one before it (Z-A).
3.     Minimum of ten words per sentence!
4.     Save them in the folder for our class on google docs as “your last name, difficult sentence”.

Banished Words List                    11:36-11:50?                                                      (Twenty minutes)
·       Share your individual lists in trios, and discuss them briefly.
·       From your total list of thirty words, select your group’s TOP TEN.
·       Type this on a google doc, and save it in “Group Banished Words….”
·       We will share these ten out with the whole class.

After Lunch
1.      Grab your folder when you come back in.
2.     Grab an orange Weekly Conference #2 sheet.
3.     Let’s pass back a few papers.

Organization                                                                                                                               12:30-12:40
1.      Week Two Conference with Me (Preparation)—handout so you can get ready for tomorrow
2.     Print everything. (Shannon as model)
3.     Competing Values
a.     The Environment
b.     Organization
4.     Log in what you need to in your manila folder.

Diction Writing Experiment                                                       (Start at 12:45!)
·       "Hurtling Towards Cereal Bowl...." (p. 2).

1.      Complete two paragraphs for “Hurtling Towards Cereal Bowl”.
2.     Make sure you have everything in order for our conference tomorrow.
3.          Note #1:  I’ll ask you tomorrow (Wednesday) if you want to share your two paragraphs with the class.  It’ll be voluntary, so maybe three people will share, or maybe everyone will share—it depends on how this exercise turns out for you.
4.          Note #2:  Wes and Angelic, drop your list of Banished Words into the Group folder so we can look at them tomorrow, please.

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