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Thursday, January 26th, 2012


Assignment #1:  Writing Experiment #4                                              (Twenty Minutes—Time Yourself!)
1.      Grab an iBook, and type for twenty minutes on ONE of the following options.
2.     Use the MLA formate for heading, and doublespace this, since it’s prose, not a poem.
3.     Save, print FRONT/BACK to room 210.  One person go over at the end of writing time and get them, so we don’t interrupt Ms. Flattery twenty times, please.
4.     Put this assignment in the drawer, please

OPTION #1:  The Big Event
When a special event is on the horizon, people plan for it and get excited about it.  Maybe it’s a dance, an election, a family event, a party, a birthday, or an important sports game.
Think of a special event that you planned for a looked forward to that turned out much differently from what you expected.  Write about what you expected would happen and what actually happened.

OPTION #2:  Holiday Cheer
What is your favorite holiday?  What is your least favorite holiday?  Write about two memorable holiday experiences, one from your favorite holiday and one from your least favorite.

OPTION #3:  What a Fright
There’s “fun scary” (walking through a haunted house, screaming through a horror movie, riding a roller coaster) and then there’s “scary scary” (being in a car accident, getting caught in the ocean’s riptide).
Describe the scariest experience you’ve ever had.  Was it fun scary, or was it really terrifying?

Assignment #2—Save the Words!                                                                                                (Fifteen Mintues)
1.      Go to the website below, and browse the list of words that this organization is trying to save.
2.     After you browse for fifteen minutes, find THREE that you want to save.
3.     Get in google docs, and get into the collection for your Creative Writing class.
4.     Find the document called, “Save the Words, 2012”, and open it.
5.     I’ve modeled how I want you to input your words you’re going to save.
6.     Type the word, the part of speech, and the definition, then a sentence about why you want to save it.
7.     Don’t type over someone else’s work! 

Assignment #3:  The Six-Word Memoir                                                                                         (Thirty Minutes)


Rumor has it that when writer Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a short, short story, he penned this:
“Pair of baby shoes:  never worn.”

That’s only six words, but it tells a story.

Fifteen Minutes (Reading)
1.      Explore the six-word memoirs and stories here:  BE PATIENT--THE LINK TAKES A MINUTE TO LOAD!
3.     Read people’s memoirs.  You can browse, or you can click on a certain subject area, if you’re interested in memoirs on one topic.
4.     Post your FAVORITE classroom appropriate six-word memoir in google docs in the document named, “Favorite Six-Word Memoir”.

Fifteen Minutes (Writing)
1.      Create/type THREE six-word memoirs--that way, you can do a funny one, a serious one, and whatever else you come up with.
2.     Use the MLA heading on your six-word memoirs, type all three on one page, make sure they’re saved in YOUR google docs, print them, then put them in the drawer.

Assignment #4:  Cliché Trio Stories                                                                                              (Fifteen Minutes)
1.      Stay IN THE ROOM to finish these stories today.
2.     Open up your story, and check it for the following (both partners):
a.     Did I put in paragraphs where the ideas changed?
b.     Did I edit my dialogue with quotation marks to show that people are speaking aloud?
c.     Did I give this story a really cliché title?
d.     Did I make sure each cliché phrase was in italics?
e.     Did I check my content to make sure it is appropriate for class, based on the discussion we had in class Tuesday?
3.     Now title it as your last names.
4.     Now move it into the class folder called “Cliché Trio Stories”.
5.     Do NOT print!  We will share these aloud MONDAY in class on the big screen!

·       None (…unless you didn’t complete assignments #1-4 in class; then you have homework.)


1)  Week One Peer Conference  (Everyone but Dosha is trading What I Did on a Rainy Day.)
1.      Get your Rainy Day poem, and read it. 
2.     Fill out the top three items on the Week One Peer Conference sheet.
3.     Select ONE person to make an even trade with
4.     Read the writer’s comments on his/her rubric.
5.     Read the poem.
6.     Annotate!  Mark all over it!  Cover it up!  Comment on the rubric items, but also everything else.
7.     Answer the questions on the Peer Conference sheet.
8.     Sign your name in big letters at the bottom.
9.     Give it back to the writer.
10.   Writer, staple the Peer Conference sheet your reader filled out for you to the BACK of your poem, and put it in your manila folder.

2)  Revision:  Class Poem #1 Lines
1.      Open your google doc with your lines (Robot Typing).
2.     Revise this poem so that it’s one your proud of, making at least ten changes.
3.     You should do all of the following revision activities to strengthen your poem:
a.     Add
b.     Subtract
c.     Substitute
d.     Transpose
4.     Save it in the “Revised Class Poem #1” folder on google docs, and I will read it there.
5.     How will I grade this?
a.     Did you make at least ten changes (not including editing)?
b.     Did you complete steps 1-4 above?

3)  Writing Experiment:  A Sentence as a Poem
1.      Mr. Collins is going to lead the discussion of the poems on page 15.
2.     Read them each aloud, and then unpack each one.  Use your poetry terms from google docs during discussion!
3.     Think about the discussion we had yesterday about line breaks, end-stopped lines, and enjambment.
4.     Fill out page 14.
5.     When you get to #6, type your poem on google docs.

o   None

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