Friday, December 16, 2011

Friay, 12/16/2011

Creative Writing

If you were absent today, plan to spend seminar Monday with me.  What we did today in class was top secret, persona-type stuff.  :-)  I'll explain it to you in person on Monday.


Day fourteen of Frankenstein

1.      Do not sign in.  Shelby H, please take attendance.
2.     E-mail me with grade questions.  I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Due--Twenty-five more Vocab War points
1.      Name on top of relevant pages
2.     Point total clearly listed next to name
3.     Only turn in pages with most recent points.

Pair-Share, then Whole-Class Discussion--Frankenstein
1.      Complete the rest of Active Reading (Frankenstein Chapters 22-24)—Victor’s and the creature’s states of mind!
2.     Update your motif chart.
3.     When we finish whole-class discussion, please make sure your name is on all papers.
4.     Staple it all together neatly, and plot it in the drawer, please (daily grades).

Wordle Preparation

Writing Style—Sharing
·      Last of 128-Word Sentences

·      Draw names for Secret Santa!
Absent people, contact Shannon M.  for your names, please!

Homework for Monday
·      Read and annotate “…So Does Season” (Professor Foster)
·      Create a Frankenstein Wordle, and upload it to google docs for class viewing Monday.

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