Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday, November 2nd (Early Dismissal)

Welcome to Creative Writing!

When you Come In
·       Please sign in.

Writing Lesson
1.        Clichés--page 8—what are they?  Why are they bad for our writing?
2.        Create anti-clichés (p. 8).  (Ten Minutes)
3.        Trade three times for smileys.
o   Read your partner’s ten anti-clichés.
o   Put a smiley and your initials by the TWO you feel are strongest.
4.     Everyone share his/her best anti-cliché.
5.     Take the pledge to avoid clichés in your writing.
6.     Check out pages 9-10. 
·       Put a question mark by clichés you don’t understand,
·       Put a smiley by ones you like (even though they’re cliché).
·       Put a check-mark by the ones you’ve heard gazillions of times.
·       Pair-share your responses.
·       I’ll explain any that are still unclear.

AP English
Please see the weekly plan on google docs.  Thanks!

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