Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


·      Please sign in!
·      Please pick up “Survival Tips” off my desk.

1.      Survival Tips 
2.     The Blog
·      What is it?
·      How do you find it?
·      Take the oath of I-promise-I'll-never-come-in-and-ask-you-"Did we do anything when I was absent yesterday?"  :-)

We all successfully signed on to our school domain g-mail, and we typed, saved, and printed our first assignment from there.

Writing Experiment #1--Around the Block
1.      Writing Experiment
·      It’s a first draft.
·      Do your best work…
·      …but don’t agonize over it.
·      Work quickly!
·      Type your guts out!
·      See the survival tip about not stressing about your first draft.)  (See #15 and #21)
2.     Take a look at the requirements for this assignment.
3.     Check out the models. 
·      Models are not perfect examples.
·      Models are glimpses at how some people chose to approach this assignment.
4.     Editing Lesson
·      MLA format for heading
·      Required on everything you hand in this term.
5.     Organization
·      Sign into/Create your google account. 
·      We’re typing here today, and for most of the term, so get comfortable!
6.    Save this assignment in there
7.    Print a TWO-SIDED to room 212.  (This is standard for the term, so please never ask the question, “Where do I print to?”)

  • Please click on our schedule for the week in google docs.

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