Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011


Day Fifteen

·       Get papers back.
·       Put everything in date order, in the correct section.

Getting Back Stuff
·       55 Hurricanes
·       Vocab Picture Quiz #2
·       62 His Final Escape

Organization, Again
·       Get a Six-way Paragraph Record-Keeping sheet, and plot your first few paragraphs.

Six-Way Paragraphs IN DATE ORDER
Dates                                    8/26                  9/1                  9/8                  9/13
Number                                    51                  61                  55                  62

Read and Relax
·       We read for about an hour today.
·       We did Bookmark Journal #3.

Hello, AP!
Day Fifteen

Homework Due
·       Open your They Say/I Say to page 28, and write your name in big letters across the top.
·       I’ll skim your annotations, then return your binder to you momentarily, so you can USE THE PHRASINGS there for your essay writing today and tomorrow!

Essay Writing
1.      CAREFULLY review the comments I made, and your classmates made, on your outlines.  (Otherwise, why would I read and comment on them, right?)
2.     At the top of your outline, type me a letter (Dear Willis:  ….), telling me THREE THINGS you read in your peer conference comments or my comments that will help you create a strong first draft of your essay today.  (These are the three things you’re trying to make stronger today.)
3.     Review the AP Writing Rubric, so you know where you’re going:  begin with the end in mind.
4.     Review your They Say/I Say advice—remember, we read it SPECIFICALLY so we could incorporate it into our writing today, tomorrow, and this weekend.
5.     Create your complete first draft (on your outline document on google docs). 
6.     We did the following to visually remind ourselves of a few things:
o   Highlight your THESIS and THESIS RESTATEMENT in bright yellow.
o   Highlight the FIRST sentence of each body paragraph in aqua blue.
o   Highlight the LAST sentence of each body paragraph in lime green.
o   At the top of your paper:  correct MLA format, then letter to me

Essay Outline Housekeeping
·       Jose--I need you to upload your revised outline for me to view and comment on.
·       Shelby--I need you to make your outline so that I can EDIT it. 

·       Complete your first draft by 11:20AM tomorrow!  (And make sure it’s saved in the correct folder in google docs)

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