Saturday, April 9, 2011

FRIDAY, April 8th, 2011


Hello, people!  Happy Friday!  J

Quick-Write (Five Minutes)  8:13-8:18
·       Take out a sheet of notebook paper.
·       In the few minutes you have, make two lists:
o   Best of the Week
o   Worst of the Week
·       If you complete both lists, start another list:  what you’re most looking forward to in the next two weeks.
·       For 100%, you have to write the whole time.

Writing Lesson—Diction = WORD CHOICE
·       A Bunch of....  (p. 13)
·       Hasta la Vista, Catchphrases (pages 14-15) 

Writing Assignment
·       Death of Language (p. 16)
·       Workshop Time with a Dictionary = twenty minutes
·       Due Date:  TUESDAY.

… With Me at My Desk When I Call You Back
·       p. 8
·       p. 13
·       Earliest Memory Poem

·       Folder log-in.
1.      Cliché Story
2.     Journal #1
3.     Early Childhood Memory
4.     Around the Block
5.     WE#4?—Spilled Popcorn; Leaver/Leavee

Next Week
·       I have not forgotten about revising the Russian Tailor Poem.  We will do that Monday or Tuesday.  And then we’ll share our best line.
·       And we are definitely going to share the Cliché Stories Monday or Tuesday as well.

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