Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


  • Grab a storyboard, and sketch out the panels for your story as you have it planned now.  Focus on quick drawings, not great art, and use only limited text.  (9:52-10:02)
  • Hand these to me when you finish.  I'll conference with you about them later today.
  • Talk about what you did in your thirty minutes of worktime last night.  What did you accomplish on your short story--two or three sentences, please!
Dialogue (10:12-10:22)
  • Grab a copy of "You Talkin' to Me", and complete it with a partner.  We'll get back together as a class to discuss it in ten minutes or so.
  • Take a look at page 9--these are a very basic definitions of the parts of a setting.
  • Take a look at the Short Story--Settings page I'm handing out--here are two excerpts from a couple of short stories rich in setting.
  • Click on the following links for more definition of what setting is, and why it's important.  Please read carefully!  It's short, but it's good stuff!

Workshop Time for Your Short Story--I want you to be able to start working by 10:40, so help me keep things moving today, please.  :-)

Short Story
Take stock of what you've done so far for your story:
  • Proposal
  • Character Facebook Sketch
  • Describing People
  • Dialogue Scene
  • What work you did last night for half an hour
  • Work for thirty minutes tonight on your short story.
  • Typed draft due for Friday, when you walk in--minimum of three and a half pages


Writing Experiment
  • On your paper, in the few minutes I give you, list as many PERFECT MOMENTS as you can.
  • OR, you can pick ONE perfect moment, and list as many details about it as you can.
  • We're going to watch about fifteen minutes of REMEMBER THE TITANS.  On your paper, I want you to write down every time you see a PERFECT MOMENT happening.
  • If you were absent, go to youtube, and watch clips 9/12, and the first minute or two or 10/12.
  • We talked about all the perfect moments we saw in just twelve minutes or so--we came up with at least fifteen moment from the film.
  • We got into pairs, read over three models, and talked about what they had in common.  As a big group, we agreed they were all very details, all used the five senses, and all were in present tense.
Writing Assignment
  • When we got back from lunch, we identified the five or six things this assignment will be graded on:  short period of time; lots of detail; present tense; MLA format for heading; strong title.
  • We got to work on our Perfect Moment Prep sheet.
  • After finishing that, people showed me their prep work, and then got an iBook and started typing a first draft of the perfect moment memoir.
  • By the end of the block, everyone has saved and printed (front/back) a copy of his/her first draft.
  • (We will be peer conferencing these tomorrow when you come in--hooray!)  :-)
  • None
  • I passed out gradesheets, then had conferences with people who needed them.
  • We continued to talk about registration, for people who needed to.
  • We read for seventy-five minutes.

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