Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10th, 2011


  • I handed out the short story rubric and went over it.
  • I handed out the peer conference sheet for tomorrow, and I assigned partners.
Writing Lesson
  • We reviewed what CONNOTATION and DENOTATION are, and I read two poems about roaches (pp. 11-12).
  • We pair-shared about what different connotations of trios of synonyms had, and why.
  • We read advice for BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS (p. 17), and we picked out one or two bits that would be helpful to us as we continued working on our short stories.
  • We had thirty minutes to work on the children's stories.  Ethan scanned, and everyone else typed their stories out, then proofed each other's text.
  • Have three and a half pages, minimum, done on your short story for tomorrow.


Here's the agenda we followed in class today.  If you were absent, please check the make-up board (behind Gavin's desk, on the yellow bulletin board) for necessary handouts.

·       Grab your folder, and do a log-in when papers are passed back.
·       Grab the handout from the circle table called, “Portfolio and Revision Thinking”
·       Start filling it out.  I’ll explain it further in a moment.
·       View the slideshow.  (We did this after lunch.  It was twenty minutes long or so.)
·       What color are all the pages related to your portfolio?
·       Worth:           20% of your entire term grade
·       Goal:           to showcase your best and brightest work in a creative way
·       Due:         Thursday, March 24th (two weeks from today)

1.      Grab the yellow small group prep sheet from the circle table.
2.     Select FOUR things you’d like to read aloud tomorrow. 
3.     Gavin, Tiffany, Alex and Amanda--create small sharing groups for tomorrow! 
4.     Paperclip them in your folder, so you don’t have to hunt for them tomorrow.
5.     Fill out the top half of the yellow sheet. 
6.     (You fill out the bottom half tomorrow, after small sharing groups.)

Writing Assignments for Today
·       Perfect Moment Peer Conference Over Draft #1 with orange Visualizing sheet
Homework for the next five nights
Work on the structure of your portfolio. 
Even though you don’t have the pieces finalized to put in there yet, you need to be doing the following:
·       Re-reading all the orange pages in your binder.
·       Gathering materials—do you have everything (besides the ten pieces) you need to put your portfolio together?
·       Setting up templates (computer projects)
·       Creating overall structure (hand-crafted projects)
·       Lay out the portfolio, based on the ten (or more) items you’re including
·       Finalizing your title idea
·       Finalizing your table of contents title and layout

  • Thank you, Jordan, for bringing popcorn, and thanks to Ryan and Travis for popping it up.  I brought drinks and M&Ms, and we snacked.
  • We read about seventy minutes today.

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