Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011


  • Storyboards
  • Two drawings
Children's Story
  • I conferenced with everyone about their storyboards.
  • Everyone presented his/her two new drawings.
  • We made our plans for tomorrow.
Short Story
  • We all got the short story unit.
  • We talked about point of view (pages 2-3).
  • I talked about the short story proposal (due Monday)
  • People worked on the various items needed today.
  • Describing People (p. 4)--select TWO exercises to complete, and type a paragraph for each one (due tomorrow)

Here's the agenda from today:

Continue the results of your discussions last week.
Guess whose portfolio is whose.
Next Week:  view portfolio slideshow.

Before you ask a question, please read all the directions you have in front of you.
Then, if you still don’t know the answer, ask a neighbor.
Then, if you still don’t know the answer, ask another neighbor.
Then, if you still don’t know the answer, ask me.
…no shouting across the room—come back to my desk if you have a question.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Early Memory
Second Draft Peer Conference  (I’ve already matched you up with partners.)
Be careful, and be picky, and keep the rubric in mind—today is the last day to give any comments that can help your partner create a stronger draft.
Final draft due today w/ rubric

Simile Poem Revision
Get the simile creation pages (circle table).
Read carefully over everyone’s suggestions for your simile.
Get a Simile Poem Rubric (circle table), and follow the directions
for revising this piece.

  • We read!  :-)

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