Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday, March 4th, 2011


Here's our agenda from today:

Before You Get On the Bus
1. Put your Describing People assignment in the drawer.
2. Make sure you have your big story envelope.
3. Homework for Monday:  Short Story Proposal—completed when you come in.

Murphy Writing Buddies
To-Do List for Friday, 3/4/2011
1. Slowly walk through your storyboard with your group.  Answer their questions as needed.
2. Now go over one frame at a time with your buddies, and ask them to come up with possible dialogue lines or thought-bubbles for that particular frame.
3. Review all the illustrations you currently have for your story with your buddies.
4. Ask buddies to draw or color any illustration as needed.
5. Take a head-shot of your buddy.  (Remember we’re thinking about photo-shopping their faces on some of the illustrations.)
6. Take a group shot with your buddy.


  • Complete your Short Story Proposal


Here's our agenda from today:

Before You Get On the Bus
1. Get your copy of your Early Memory, please.
2. Grab an iBook.
3. Yell out your last name to me as you cruise by my desk on your way to the bus.
4. Make sure you have a coat/jacket (for recess) and your lunch card or lunch (for lunch).  ☺
5. Homework for Monday:  Completed Simile Poem/Love is Like Poem, with completed rubric stapled on top—this is due when the tardy bell rings Monday, or not at all.  Thanks!

Bailey Writing Buddies
To-Do List for Friday, 3/4/2011
1. Talk to your buddy about the difference between what they wrote the last two time—poems—and what they’re going to write today—a memoir:  a true story about something that happened to them in the past.
2. Give your buddy the Bailey Writing Buddies—Listening to Early Memories sheet.  Explain how to fill it out.
3. Read your Early Memory to your kiddo, and then talk about what comments he/she had.
4. Now the other high school person in your group reads; repeat the process.
5. So now that they know what the goal for their writing is, it’s time to let them start telling you their story.
a. You’re going to type as they tell their story.
b. Make sure and ask them to elaborate (add detail) where necessary.
c. Remind them of the five senses, and try to bring as many of those in as you can.
d. Find some places in their memoir to include dialogue.
e. Same it as the student’s last name on the Student Volume/our class folder as “Bailey’s Early Memories”.
f. Now repeat the process with another memory of your writing buddy.
g. If time allows, have your writing buddy draw a picture of his/her memory.


  • Finish revising your Simile Poem/Love is Like Poem--due Monday with rubric
  • We read at the Public Library!

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