Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Welcome to 4th Term!  :-)

Writing Assignment

  • Free Write #1--write for ten minutes on any topic of your choosing.
  • Write for the entire time--do not stop.  Switch topics as necessary.

Begin with the End in Mind

  • We talked about what this means--starting something with a clear idea of where you're going to end up.
  • We looked at last term's final portfolios in trios.
  • We discussed them and filled out page 21--Portfolio Viewing.
  • We talked about page 21 as a class as well.

Procedures--In Training

  • Partner cards--how I use them; why I used them
  • How and were to hand in an assignment
Survival Tips
  • I passed out tips from last term's class, and we worked on them for five minutes along, then shared answers with partners, then discussed as a class.  
  • We will continue this sheet throughout the week.
  • We read the literary magazine for fifteen minutes.
  • None

Welcome!  :-)

Organization and Explanation

  • I showed everyone where to find books in the room.
  • Everyone selected a book, and I buzzed around the room and talked a bit about each one, and about what category it would fit in.
  • I talked about the need for people to be independent learners.
  • We looked at the page with grades and categories and clarified what each category was.


  • I handed out the yellow procedures packet, and I talked about the first page.
  • We discussed then practiced the Read-Think-Share procedure we're going to use every day in here.
  • Austin modeled how to check out a book, and everyone who needed to did that.
Independent Reading
  • We read for thirty minutes today.


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