Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011


Fiction Circle

  • The following people read stories, and we annotated them:  Alayna, Abbie, Marissa and Jessica.


  • Select the four pieces you're going to revise.
Here's the agenda we used in class:

Everyone is getting his/her Early Memory pieces back.  If you want to use this in your portfolio, MAKE ALL THE EDITING CORRECTIONS I noted.  Thanks!

Due Right Now for Homework Grade
Revised Poem #2 due with a minimum of ten changes

Peer Conference over Poem #2
1. Label your second draft “SECOND DRAFT” in big letters across the top.
2. Staple your Revised Poem #2 like this:
a. Second Draft (on top)
b. Peer Conference Sheet (in middle)
c. First draft (on bottom)
3. Pick four questions from Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry to write down on your Peer Conference Sheet for Revision.  
4. Pick three editing things you want your peer conferencer to look for:  punctuation; spelling/typos; grammar; MLA format; paragraphing, etc.
5. Remind yourself what a strong peer conference is, and keep up the solid work you started yesterday:
a. at least TEN constructive comments on the person’s draft, 
b. AND you answer all four questions on the Peer Conference Sheet
6. Don’t trade yet—I will match you up with someone you haven’t been with yet.
7. Once you get your poem back from your partner and read over all the comments, pop it in the RED folder on the BACK CIRCLE TABLE.  I will check over it, then get it back to you later in the block.

Make-up Peer Conferencers
w/Me, only who it applies to

Workshop Today
1. Re-read Friday’s blog.  A lot of questions you might be tempted to ask today are answered there—so everybody, read it now, please.
2. If you have not already done so, create the FINAL DRAFT of the PERFECT MOMENT, and follow the directions for turning it in.
3. Start creating final, strong and perfect drafts of your four revisions.
4. Edit items needed for your portfolio.

With Me—Dialogue Partner Stories—Editing Conference
Dosha and Nate
Cammy and Normando

  • We read.
  • I had book chats w/people as needed.
  • I explained the final and gave examples.

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