Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Here's the checklist we worked on in class today:

2nd—Advanced Creative Writing

1) Timed Writing Journal
Type for twenty minutes on EITHER of the following choices:
o Option 1:  My Animal (p. 53)
o Option 3:  Oh Yeah?  Oh Yeah? (p. 53)
Save it, print it FRONT/BACK, then drop it in the drawer, please.

2) Group Work (two trios and one pair)
Adriana, Marissa, Alayna Ethan, Abby, Kathleen Amanda, Jessica
Read “Ten Definitions of Poetry” by Carl Sandburg on page 17.
o “Define”—to specify; to determine the essential quality of; to determine the nature of
Discuss  what you think each definition means—unpack it; consider the possibilities.
As a group, discuss what each of YOU thinks are the DEFINING aspects of poetry.
Type a list called “Five Definitions of Poetry” that your group feels DEFINES what poetry is to you.
Save it in the folder called “Five Definitions” (Student Volume/HS Classes/ACW) as your last names.

3) Group Work (pairs)
Amanda, Marissa Alayna, Adriana Abby, Jessica Ethan, Kathleen
Turn to page 18 for “Writing an Incredibly Bad Poem.
Follow Steps 1, 2 and 3.
Save your Bad Poem in the folder called “Bad Poems” (Student Volume/HS Classes/ACW) as your last names.

Homework = None

Here's the checklist we worked on in class today:

3rd—Creative Writing

5 minutes Prepare for and understand the assignment.
Get into the following trios:
Read the directions for the Cliché Group Writing Assignment on page 11.
Read the directions—I’m saying it twice, so it’s probably important!
Review pages 9-10 in your book.

20 minutes Complete Step 1 on page 11.

40 minutes Read all the information for “Step 2” and “Evaluation Criteria” on page 11.  Now create your story!

5 minutes Save and print your stories:
Save it in the “Cliché Story” folder in “HS Classes/Creative Writing”.
Student Volume
Student Files
HS Classes
Creative Writing
Cliché Stories, 2011

5 minutes Print three copies of the story, each FRONT/BACK, and give them to each member of the trio.  You will read aloud from them tomorrow.


Homework—due tomorrow when you walk in the door!

Writing Experiment #3
Select ONE of the following choices to write about.
Set a timer for twenty minutes.  Write or type for the full twenty minutes.
TYPE this assignment (and doublespace it), if you can do so at a reasonable pace.

Spilled Popcorn
What’s the worst movie you’ve seen recently?  Imagine you’re a film critic and write a couple of paragraphs tearing this movie to shreds.

I’m Grateful
Even the dreariest, most awful weeks aren’t bad twenty-four hours a day.  Think of a few things that have happened this week that you’re grateful for.

Breaking Up
Woody Allen once said,

“It’s better to be the leaver than the leavee.”

Do you agree?  Would you rather dump someone than get dumped yourself?  Which do you think is more painful?

We ready for about seventy minutes today.

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