Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21st, 2011


  • Tiny or Immense? (timed writing journal)

Writing Lesson--Words!

  • We discussed Banished Words, on pages 10-13, and then we grabbed an iBook to look at the 2011 nominations.  
  • In our groups, we nominated ten words we want to banish, and we saved them on the Student Volume.
  • We looked at everyone's words on the Big Screen.
  • We will submit these officially to the website on Tuesday.
  • We looked at the background of the Save the Words! website, then went there to explore:
  • We spent the last fifteen minutes of class exploring words, and some people made adoptions.  We will continue this on Tuesday.
Here's what I passed out in class:
*Independent Work Time
Journal #1 Directions Below

**Chat With Me
When you come back to my desk, bring page 8 for me to check.
You will also read aloud to me your Earliest Memory poem.  (I have it.) 

Journal #1

Please write “yes” or “no” in the blank provided.

_______1) I have read page 6 in my textbook about what a journal can be.
Here is the one statement I liked best from that page:




________2) I’ve typed, doublespaced a MINIMUM of one and a half pages on any topic of my choosing.   (Keep in mind “acceptable material”.)   I can use page 7 in my textbook for ideas, if I want to.

________3) I’ve saved it, printed it FRONT/BACK, and I’ve stapled this sheet (filled out) on top of it, then tossed it into the drawer.


My journal is fiction nonfiction poetry combination (circle one)

  • We decorated our nametags.
  • We decorated our folders.
  • We logged in our first few pieces.
  • I showed everyone a model for a cliché story, which we will write on Monday.
  • None
  • We read!  :-)

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