Wednesday, January 5, 2011



  • I reminded everyone to forget about late work, and to focus on REVISION and PORTFOLIO.


  • Everyone got their orange sheets back, and then we broke into our small sharing groups to bounce ideas off each other.  We're going to try this again tomorrow, as people were somewhat idea-challenged today.  :-)


  • I passed out the green revision packet, and we started by going over the first page, the unit overview.  We noted that these four revisions are worth fifteen percent of our entire term grade, and that only one will actually be graded, so all four need to be solid, best efforts.
  • We talked about the four kinds of revisions, and we revised one sentence four ways on the page in our revision packet, then talked about our decisions on the big screen.
  • We got with a partner to read and discuss Tony Caldwell's revised memoir.  We identified ten changes between the original and the final draft, and then we got back together as a class to discuss them.

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