Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

  • The Usual!

Writing Experiment #13
  • I handed out a sheet with options, and we wrote for ten minutes.
Snapshot Poem
  • I went over expectations for how to peer conference and revise.
  • We peer conferenced.
  • We created a final draft.  (Anyone who didn't do a final draft can do it for himework and turn it in tomorrow by 1:10.)
  • The Portfolio Ten Table was due today, and after people handed them in, I read them, commented on them, then handed them back.
  • We talked about what people can do over break to prepare for the portfolio.
  • We talked about how important a vision of where you're going is!
  • Writing Experiment #14 is due when we come back from break, January 4th.
  • Start solidifying your idea for your portfolio, and start gathering your supplies.
  • Portfolios are due TUESDAY, JANUARY 11th.

  • People turned in their Hoover notes and their Scavenger Hunt notes for me to check.
  • People also turned in their Transformation papers.
A Christmas Carol
  • We watched a selection of Staves I-IV from the movie.  We'll watch Stave V tomorrow.
  • Post a question on the wiki.
  • Bring your book club book to class.

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