Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


  • We read for about seventy-five minutes today.
  • I conferenced with the rest of the class about their daily reading grades.
  • I did a few book chats.



  • Journal #3

Writing Experiment

  • #9--Life at Thirty (or Forty):  I went over the guidelines on page 49.
  • I read three models:  Nick's, Ben's and Ashley's.
  • We took thirty full minutes to type a one-page rough draft of this piece.
  • We put up the Autobiographical Poems on the Big Screen.
  • We shared them, and we kept filling out our blue sheets about details from the poems.
  • None


Due in Drawer
  • page 16 Quick Write
  • page 15
Due at Your Desk
  • "Monkey Garden" highlights--I went around and checked these.
Pair Share
  • We got with a partner, and we discussed the key details of the chapter.
  • Each partner drew ten details from the chapter, for a total of twenty details on the poster.
Gallery Walk
  • We went on a gallery walk and looked at all the posters and the details included.
  • We talked a bit about what details were included in some posters, but not in others.
Small Group Discussion
  • I assigned the questions on page 14 to groups, and we had fifteen minutes to prepare presentations for the class--four groups of three, and one group of four, since we had two people absent.
Whole-Class Preparation
  • Small groups started presenting their responses to the questions on page 14, and we heard responses to questions 1-6.
  • Type for twenty minutes on any item from page 17.

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