Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010



  • We talked about what the fluency rubric again.


  • We focused on PHRASING.  I talked about what it was, and I gave everyone a handout.  We talked about the rules, and we practiced.  I put people's slashes up on the Big Screen so they looked like lines of poetry. We talked about how important phrasing is for making sense of what we're reading.


  • We talked about different emotions, and we talked about how you as the readers have to be verbally expressive when you read.  
  • I said sentences with a bunch of different emotions, and duos tried to guess which word I was expressing.  (We used the cards we're using for the Guess the Emotion game we're playing tomorrow.)
Class Differences
  • In first block, I read Skippyjon Jones, which I hadn't done yet.
  • In second block, we had twenty-five minutes to read.

Our AP Agenda for Today

1)         Solve this riddle--if you can’t, you will be devoured, entrails first: 
“What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

2)        And now I’m going to talk about sphinxes.  Everyone repeat after me:  “Sphinxes.”

3)        Mythological Background—page 65—read aloud

4)        Conventions of Greek Drama—page 68—read aloud

5)        We’ll start our reading on page 16.  Remember, if you don’t have a speaking role already, you need to bust it out on the chorus!

In class on Friday—Continuing Oedipus Rex
·      Discuss in trios the questions on page 7.

Final Mid-Term Tips
·      If you want a copy of what I put on the screen, let me know.

·      Bring a snack tomorrow and Thursday, because we are eating “C” lunch.

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