Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


  • We took the vocabulary test over the first fifteen words.
Independent Reading
  • We had extra time to read today, since we didn't read yesterday.
  • I had conferences with people who'd finished a book and needed to do book chats.
  • We made new sticky notes for the new seating chart.
Six-Way Paragraphs
  • Everyone did 33, The Mad Emperor, solo.  We practiced our strategy of reading the questions first, and we also talked about thinking about the title, and what it might mean, before you read.
  • We pair-shared our answers, and argued about them.
  • We checked them as a class, and we scored them and put them in the drawer.


  • We took the itty-bitty vocabulary test over five words.
  • We played vocab sushi.  Several people leveled up.
  • I commented on two suggestions I had for all essays:  hooks and quotes.  I had Kathleen and Kailee share their hooks, and then we talked about what a hook is and how to use it.  I talked about using a quote for some of the big ideas in your paper:  parenting, fear, immorality, deception, women, power....
  • We talked briefly about chapter three from They Say, I Say.
  • We picked up copies of the synthesis outlines we made yesterday (our writing checklists).  People who wanted to use other people's outlines because they were more detailed were free to do so.
  • I had another outline conference with everyone.
  • I passed out the helper packet on nauseatingly bright red paper--sentence starters and templates.
  • We typed the first draft of our essays.
Peer Conference
  • I passed out the rubrics (on green), and we traded with people so we could do a peer conference over Draft #1 of the myth essay FOR HOMEWORK!

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