Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



  • We got our grade printouts, and wrote mid-term reflection letters to our parents.


  • We played one round of Show Me with our vocab flashcards.
  • We played two rounds of Slap It!

Independent Reading

  • We had thirty-five minutes to read.
  • I read everyone's mid-term letters.
  • I graded make-up work and updated grade printouts.


Greek Mythology
  • We talked about how the Facebook project is going.  :-)
  • We discussed the definition of "myth", using page 2 and our wikiposts as guides.
  • We all shared a connection we had made between a myth and our own lives.
  • Quick Write #5--we took the prompts from page 11 and wrote about chores/tasks.
  • I presented information on Hercules.  I gave a little background, and I talked about the first two labors, the lion and the hyrdra.
  • We had fifteen minutes left for our FB project.
Homework--Here's a copy of the handout I gave out in class today:

AP Homework for Thursday

  • ·      Preparation for Essay #2
  • ·      Preparation for class discussion on Thursday
  1. 1.      Read chapter one of  They Say/I Say—Starting with What Others Are Saying (pages 17-27).
  2. 2.     Highlight any sentence (sentences) that sound like “how to write” statements or directions you should follow.
  3. 3.     Put a star next to statements you feel like, “Aha—yes, I can definitely use this to make my writing stronger.”
  4. 4.     Put a question mark next to anything you do not understand.

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