Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Strategy:  Compare/Contrast
  • We discussed the similarities and differences between WWI and operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (first block), and women and men (second block).  We used a Venn Diagram to chart our discussions.
  • This strategy works, because one of the best ways to find out what something IS is to find out what it ISN'T.
  • I read aloud a passage from Anna Quindlen, and people filled out the Venn Diagram.  We pair-shared our answers, then discussed them as a class, then handed everything in.
  • We did not review the vocab today, but everyone should use their flashcards tonight and study for twenty minutes.
Test Preparation
  • Several people in each class needed to study for the World History test, and I worked with them on that.
Independent Reading
  • We read for thirty-five minutes.

Writing, Writing, Writing

  • We talked about the summarizing chapter from They Say, I Say.
  • We reviewed the AP writing rubric.
  • We discussed the purpose of the essay outline.
  • I modeled how to brainstorm a topic and come up with a thesis.
  • We had thirty minutes to create an essay outline.


  • Read chapter two from They Say/I Say--same procedure as for chapter 1.

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