Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


  • We took twenty minutes to make vocab flashcards for our first fifteen words.
  • We played three rounds of Slap It! with different partners, after I modeled how the game worked.
  • We filled out the second page of the reading inventory, and we handed it in so I can put them all in folders.
Independent Reading
  • We had twenty-five minutes for reading.
  • I had daily reading conferences with people, and I talked to a few people about the books they'd finished reading.


Greek Mythology
  • We spent the first part of class viewing the Myth Barbies.  We viewed them once for enjoyment, and we went through them a second time to take notes.  
  • We spent the last twenty-five minutes of class on the Facebook Myth pages, making sure we all had everyone as a friend, posting things on each other's walls, and adding and using Bumper Stickers.
  • Spend twenty minutes tonight on each other's pages.  Leave posts, take quizzes, chat....

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