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Creative Writing Monkeys
What You Need To Do!  J

1)                  Tabloid Story Trade-and-Grade
·       Follow the directions on the purple sheet carefully and thoughtfully.
Time limit:  20 minutes!

2)                  Early Memory—Final Draft
·       Re-read your kid’s story(ies) from yesterday.
·       Make corrections as needed (but don’t add a bunch of stuff they didn’t say.  J
·       Save it in the Student Volume folder in Creative Writing called “Early Memory--Kid” as the student’s FIRST NAME.  You can save both stories on the same paper/in the same file.
3)                  Kid’s Name Poem
·       Re-read your kid’s name poem.
·       Make corrections as needed.
·       Save it in the Student Volume folder in Creative Writing called “Name Poem--Kid” as the student’s FIRST NAME. 
Time limit:  15 minutes

3)                  Writing Workshop
·       You have about forty-five minutes to work on what I’ve listed below.  Find your name, and start working!  J
·       (Portfolio, if you have no make-up work to complete)
Time:                  45 minutes

Here’s what I want you to work on today:
·       Caitlin
·       Nikole
·       Lucy
·       Mirayah
·       Simona

Early Memory—Final Draft, with yellow rubric
·       Jacque
·       Esbeidi

Tabloid Story—Final Draft, with purple rubric
·       Jacque
·       Esbeidi

Sense Poem—Final Draft, Rough Draft, and Rubric
·       Erika
·       Hellen
·       Esbeidi
·       Katie
·       Shannon?

Musical Memory (Get the assignment from someone!)
·       Anthony
·       Darrale

Journal #3 (Get the assignment from someone!)
·       Mirayah
·       Lucy
·       Anthony
·       Martin
·       Dalton
·       Katie

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