Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

THING #1—Formatting and Saving Early Memories (Writing Buddies)
  • 1.    Please sign on to your Student Volume.
  • 2.   Open the Early Memory you typed for your writing buddy.
  • 3.   Format it along with me (Watch the Big Screen.)
  • 4.   Drag it in the “FIXED!” folder!  Please! 

THING #2--Revise Your Perfect Moment
  • 1.    Make sure you understand the rubric—that’s what I’ll use to evaluate your memoir.
  • 2.   Re-read your TWO goals for today, which you wrote on your draft yesterday. 
  • 3.   Consider where you can use alliteration for effect (waving watering cans).
  • 4.   Revise this piece to a final draft you feel is a knock-out, your best work, worthy of being put in your Final Portfolio.
  • 5.   Save and print your final draft. 
  • 6.   Fill out the rubric thoughtfully.
  • 7.   Turn this memoir packet in the order stated on the rubric.

  • 1.    Pick the rubric up off the circle table.
  • 2.   Pick up your blue brainstorming page from yesterday as well.
  • 3.   Start working on that poem!  (You might want to type it in hotmail or gmail, since this will stretch into homework.)

LAST THING--10:55                  Revision and Portfolio Thinking
  • 1.    Grab a Revision and Portfolio Thinking page off the circle table.
  • 2.   Grab your folder.
  • 3.   Make sure you have a grade printout.

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