Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

·      Cake-tasting and voting
·      #1--Nikole:  Whacky Cake
·      #2--Mirayah:  Chocolate Pie
·      #3—Erika and Tyler:  Cake
·      #4--Morgan:  Funfetti Cupcake
·      #5--Caitlyn:  Mystery
·      #6--Jell-O Cake
·      #7—Simona:  Chocolate Goody
·      #8—Lucy:  Red Velvet
·      #9—Darrale:  Munster Cake
·      #10--KW:  Butter Brickle Cupcakes
·      Anthony: ballots

·      (Remind me to give you a replacement homework grade, if you need one.)

Tabloid Stories
 Share tabloid stories aloud
o   Darrale—Cupcake-Killer
o   Erika—Ax-Attack Cow
o   Tyler—Vigilante Seniors
o   Jordan—Bush Beats Taliban

   Turn in tabloid stories, stapled in this order:
o   Little purple rubric (on top)
o   Second draft
o   First draft (with blue conference sheet)

Early Memory
Final draft of Early Memory with completed rubric (20 minutes)
o  Take your peer conference comments to heart!  Review them carefully, and use those comments that will help make your final draft as STRONG as it can be!
o  Read your final draft aloud to a partner (practice for tomorrow).
§  Rubric
§  Final Draft
§  Second draft with orange sheet
§  First Draft
o  Staple like I’ve listed above, and put it in the drawer.

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