Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12th, 2010



  • We talked about the difference between DENOTATION (dictionary-meaning) and CONNOTATION (associative-mean).  We drew from our eliminated words, and our death of language lists, and we talked about words that exist on a spectrum (like "overweight").  Once we clearly had the hang of it, people got into their Friday groups, and they discussed and completed page 27--What Are You Suggesting?
  • We got back together as a group to talk about our pairs.

Think about  a word's feeling, vibe, association, and sound--all that has to do with CONNOTATION.

Writing Experiment #4

  • Earliest Memory Paragraph Into Poem
  • I narrated a story about one of my earliest memories, and I talked about how sketchy it was, but how I'd filled in some blanks with visual details.  We took ten minutes to write, and then I handed out the poem I'd made from my story.  We talked about how it took some main details from the paragraph, added and subtracted as needed, and was broken into lines.
  • We will finish this tomorrow.


  • Finish Death of Language--make sure your typed list looks lie the models on page 25, and that you have two sentences for explanation for each word.
  • See Angela for notes!

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