Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010


  • Theme for English B
Writing Experiment
  • Perfect Moments--start making a list, then explore the moments you feel like writing about
Writing Lessons
  • Imagery (p. 53)--We talked about the Bronte quotes and how some words are loaded with not only a visual image, but also an auditory sound.  We also talked about mood again today, how diction helps create mood.
  • Imagery (p. 54)--We started with the hot chocolate sentence, and we revised it five times to bring in each of the senses.  We shared some of these responses, and we talked about how to bring in the senses, without saying "I hear", and "I smell", etc.
Writing Assignment
  • Revise your Sense Poem to a final draft.  Josh passed out the rubric, and I passed back rough drafts of poems, and we had about twenty-five minutes to revise them and fill out our rubrics, then hand everything in.
  • None

We worked furiously on our children's stories!


  • Finish your children's story.
  • Bring back your signed permission slip by snack break.

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