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Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Checklist from Class Below)

LATE WORK:  If you are behind, trust me—do NOT try to “catch up” during class.   Follow the list on the Big Screen.  If you finish everything, THEN you can start on “catch-up” work.  But that will likely need to be done during seminar or for homework, since our days are packed. 

·       Revised Poem #1 (second draft w/ten important changes)
·       Revised Poem #2 (second draft w/ten important changes)
·       Anyone who did make-up peer conferencing last night needs to make sure his/her partner ends up with his/her piece back, please.

Please mark each item off as you complete it.
1.     Poetry Revisions #1 and #2:  Label your second drafts “SECOND DRAFT” in big letters across the top.
2.     Pick four questions from page 90 to write down on your Peer Conference Sheets for Revision.
3.     Remind yourself of what a strong peer conference is--
a.      at least TEN constructive comments on the person’s draft,
b.     AND you answer all four questions on the Peer Conference Sheet
4.     Staple your revisions like this:
a.      Second Draft (on top)
b.     Peer Conference Sheet (in middle)
c.      First draft (on bottom)
5.     Make an even trade with SOMEONE YOU HAVE NOT CONFERENCED WITH YET THIS WEEK, and thoughtfully complete a peer conference over Revised Poem #1. Make sure everyone has a partner BEFORE you start writing on someone’s draft!  (15 minutes?)
6.     When you finish the peer conference, find ANOTHER new person you haven’t conferenced with yet, and complete a peer conference over Revised Poem #2. (15 minutes?)

Writing Workshop
1.     Read over page 90—Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry
2.     Put a star by five questions you’d like to answer when you create your second draft of Poetry Revision #1.
3.     Get out the POEM #3 you’re revising.
4.     Open up your iBook file, and hit “TRACK CHANGES”.
5.     REVISE to a second draft, making a MINIMUM of ten changes.
6.     Save it, print it, then put it in the drawer by the end of the block today!

·       Leave the MLA format ON all your revisions.  That’s part of the editing grade.
·       Later in the week, when you are printing things for your PORTFOLIO, REMOVE the MLA format for the heading.  And change the spacing and font to be whatever you want them to be for the portfolio.

·       Continue working on your portfolio, which is due in six days and is worth 15% of your entire term grade.
·       Revised copy of Poem #3 (minimum of ten meaningful changes)

·       We will conference over Poem #3, then start creating final drafts of all six revisions.


Fiction Circle
  • Readers:  Jami, Tad, Jamie, Mallory

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