Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday, 2/3/2010


Homework Due
  • Death of Language; Twenty Words List
Writing Assignment
  • Writing Experiment #4--Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies--I read a model about spiders, and Zach read a model about dolls.  Then we typed a poem about a childhood fear for ten minutes.  We traded iBooks with partners, read each others, and jotted down three questions for each other, then chatted a little about our poem.  Finally, we had fifteen minutes to finish typing our childhood fear poem before saving it in the class folder, and printing it off.
  • We turned to page 9 to look at the evaluation criteria for the final portfolio. And then I showed Miguel's final portfolio, which was a powerpoint.  We discussed various aspects of it.
  • I also showed other portfolios from the last three years, to give people ideas for their own portfolio construction.
  • We all taped our nametags on our desk.
  • None

Poetic Thinking
  • We talked about the Apparent Contradiction on page 57, and we tried to explain what they meant.  We used the terms "oxymoron" and "juxtaposition".  We thought of our own pairs of Apparent Contradictions, and we talked about them with a partner.  Each pair picked a superstar contradiction to share with the rest of us.  We'll come back to these superstars tomorrow.
Writing Assignment
  • Saying "It" Without Actually Saying "It"--we listened to the Bill Wither's song/poem "Grandma's Hands" (p.21), and we talked about what we find out about the writer's grandma, even though he isn't coming right out and saying it.  
  • I explained the assignment and went over the details on page 22.
  • We had about thirty minutes to work on this poem, which is due Friday.
  • We signed up for snacks on the beautiful, splendiforous snack chart Jennica made.
  • We put our nametags on our desks.
Brain Pain
  • With a partner, we attempted "A Difficult Sentence to Write".  :-)
  • Two Post Secret Postcards (due tomorrow)
  • Saying "It" Poem (due Friday

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