Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, 2/2/2010


Writing Lesson
  • We talked about the difference between DENOTATION and CONNOTATION, using the word "booger" as an example.  We defined the word (a slimy greenish yellow mucous found in the nostrils).  And then we talked about how people have associations, memories, feelings or images that go along with this word which make it have humorous or gross CONNOTATIONS.  We noted that some words have more baggage than others; some words are loaded.
  • We looked at synonyms for the word "overweight", and we talked about how there are words with positive connotations, and words with negative connotations, even though all the words mean "overweight".
  • We worked on What Are You Suggesting? with a partner.  People took about fifteen minutes to complete this, and then people shared one of their pairs.  We put this in the drawer for a daily grade.
  • We had about twenty-five minutes to work on Death of Language (twenty words you'd save).  I reminded everybody to look at page 26 to see what "A" reasons looked like and sounded like.
  • Finish your Death of Language.


Writing Lesson
  • What is Memoir?  We talked about pages 18 and 19, and I walked people through the memoir unit so everyone could see the big picture of what we'll be doing.
Writing Lesson
  • Timed Journal--We typed for twenty-five minutes on either Childhood Lie OR Childhood Memory (p. 20).
Writing Assignment
  • Post Secret Postcard--I showed the slideshow of Post Secrets, and we talked about how the secrets can be major or minor, funny or serious, extraordinary or average.  We talked about different materials people might need to construct their postcards, and I gave everyone two 4 x 6 postcards.  THESE ARE DUE THURSDAY--one to share with the class, one that's personal and will not be shared.
Brain Pain
  • God Threw the Tip of the Dog in the Pit
  • None

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