Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, 1/28/2010


Writing Lesson
  • We talked about why and how to use Precise Adjectives.  We discussed how "tall woman" is a relative term (from yesterday).
  • We did another example from page 22, and then we took ten minutes to substitute precise adjectives for the underlined words.
  • We whipped around the room and let everyone share his/her strongest answer.
  • We wrapped up by saying how and why we use precise adjectives.
  • Half the class shared their favorite Earthbook pieces.  Each person told why he or liked the piece.
  • We passed back papers, and I wrote on the board how to log pieces in to your folder.  We all did that.
Writing Assignment
  • Revise the Around the Block Poem.
  • I handed out the green checklist, and I explained how to do it, and why we were doing it.  The focus is on 1)getting rid of -ing verbs, 2)getting rid of "I see", "I hear", etc, and 3)making weak verbs stronger.  We had about twenty-five minutes to re-see and re-think the poem, and then to revise and re-type.
  • We turned in the checklist, the original draft and the revision at the end of the block.
  • None

Peer Conferencing
  • We peer conferenced with two people over our Class Poem Lines Revision.
  • We reviewed the Alternate Word Definitions on page 52, and then we broke into trios to come up with at least five alternate word definitions of our own.
  • We shared them as a class.
  • We passed back papers, and we did a folder log-in.
  • We went over what we are doing in class tomorrow.
  • We played Catchphrases masterfully the last five minutes.
  • None

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