Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday-Wednesday, 12/21-23

  • We read Monday and Tuesday.
  • Wednesday, some people read, but a lot of people helped with reindeer.


  • We went over the "Sestina" answers from the sample AP exam..

House on Mango Street

  • We talked about questions and observations that everyone had, and we looked at the "Red Clowns" chapter.
  • We did the on-demand Mango writing, and we e-mailed them to Heather.


  • We had the sundae party, and it was yummy!
  • Greg was the winner of the most repugnant Christmas sweater contest.  I'll post pics on FB.  Everyone looked completely precious.
  • Katie and Blaine were here, and they talked about college.  We asked them lots of questions, and they had lots of answers.

Type your GRADUATION ESSAY!  Use the wiki for helping each other.  I'll check in, too, to see how it's going.


  • We watched the video of Mrs. Long's class reading the letters.  They were awesome!
  • We got our folders and looked over all the work we've done this term.  I talked a little about revision and portfolio.
  • Homework--Make a list of TEN pieces of writing you've done this term that you will probably put in your PORTFOLIO.  Highlight THREE poems, and THREE non-poems to show which six pieces you'll revise.

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