Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, 11/4/2009


  • I talked a bit about what to do when you finish a book, and where the book questions are (binders).
  • Several people typed book reports.
  • We read for about seventy minutes.
  • Five more people did book quick-chats.
Homework Due
  • RJ for "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"
Discussion and Reading
  • We talked about the Dylan Thomas poem, and about dying, and about what happens after we die.
  • I read aloud "Elegy for My Father, Who Is Not Dead" (p. 94).
  • People paired up, discussed the poem, and responded to the RJ questions.
Writing Instruction
  • How do I write a comparison/contrast essay?
  • Each of us got with a partner, and we read the website info--it's our tutorial for how to write the comparison/contrast essay.
  • A lot of people made a two-column chart to line out their comparisons and contrasts, then began typing.
  • We saved and printed our first drafts, then handed them in for me to peruse.
  • Reread "On the Words in Poetry" on pages 95-6.
  • Respond to the RJ questions.
  • Study your vocabulary words for ten minutes.


  • We talked about what constitutes unacceptable material.
Writing Tip:  Clichés
  • We talked about why clichés are evil.
  • We checked out a plethora of clichés on pages 19-20 and discussed which were familiar, and which ones needed clarification.
  • I showed some models of the Trio Cliché Story from last year.
  • We got into trios to create the Cliché Collaboration Story.
Reading Workshop
  • We continued reading Earthbook to find several pieces we liked.
  • Writing Experiment #2--twenty minutes of writing typing over your choice of three options

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