Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday, 11/5/2009

  • We read!
  • Several people did book reports.
  • Five people did book quick-chats.
  • We placed Catchphrases for the last five minutes.

Essay Writing
  • I handed back the rough drafts of the Comparison/Contrast essay, and I gave reminders for today's drafting:  define your terms clearly; organize you thoughts and arguments; review pages 164-176 of They Say/I Say for help with phrasing; remember to find a way to hook the reader in your introduction; frame everything.
  • We had half an hour to type and draft, and then we pair-shaired about what was going well, and what wasn't.  Partners made comments on each other's draft.
Poetry Discussion--Villanelle
  • I had people fill out an index card with three things/people/places/abilities they couldn't bear to lose.
  • I read Elizabeth's poem "One Art" allows (p. 104).  
  • I explained specifically what a villanelle is (p. 105).
  • I read one I wrote (p. 106), so we had a non-famous example, to go along with our "One Art" and our "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" example.  
  • I also read several from last year's AP class that were published in Earthbook.
  • Villanelles are due THURSDAY, 11/12/2009.
  • Each person went through the words individually, and then we paired up for Slap It!
  • Read Helen Vendler's essay on pages 99-103, and complete the Reading Journal questions.
  • Study your vocabulary words for ten minutes.
  • Start working on your villanelle.


Homework Due
  • Writing Experiment #2
Reading Workshop
  • We spent the first fifteen minutes reading Earthbook in search of pieces we enjoy.  We selected three we might want to share with the class.  
Cliché Story Sharing
  • We read all the stories aloud.
  • We viewed Miguel's portfolio (Powerpoint), and we talked about what we liked about it, and what characteristics it had that made it a portfolio.
Arts and Crafts
  • We decorated our nametags, and we decorated our manila folders.
  • None

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