Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, 11/18/2009 (shortened classes due to ITEDs)

  • We had about sixty minutes to read.
  • People signed up to have book chats tomorrow, as needed.

Writing Workshop
  • We spent the block putting up the Comparison/Contrast essays and commenting on them, based on the writing rubric.  We workshopped Greg's, Brittany's, and Tyler's.
  • Read "To Build a Fire" by Jack London on pages 123-130.  Highlight and annotate, because we will have a reading quiz tomorrow.

  • I re-explained the Fiction Idea Assignment.
  • I went over the Prompt Word Poem rubric carefully.
Writing Tip
  • We read page 42, Tips on Titles.  Then we grabbed Earthbooks and used the titles there to fill out page 43.  We compared answers as a class after about ten minutes or reading and work.
Writing Workshop
  • Fiction Idea--saved to Student Volume Creative Writing folder by 3:20
  • Prompt Word Poem--due when you walk in tomorrow
  • Writing Experiment #5--following the directions on page 48--twenty minutes (timed), typed or handwritten is fine.

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