Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, 11/17/2009 (shortened classes due to ITEDs)


  • We read for about sixty minutes.
  • I conferenced with four people about their books.

George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant"
  • We had a turbo-great discussion about the essay.  People made lots of great observations and connections!  Well-done!  We will continue talking more tomorrow.
  • We handed back papers and some Reading Journals, and I talked about what we'd do in class tomorrow.  I got a few volunteers for tomorrow's writing surgery.
  • I made appointments with four people for writing conferences during first block tomorrow:  Brit, John, Sarah and Nick.
  • We took the quiz/test = quist over A Christmas Carol, Dickens and the Victorian Era.
  • Research the following for thirty minutes--Realism in American Literature; Naturalism in American Literature; Jack London.  Jot down notes for each, so we can discuss them tomorrow.


  • We stapled and handed in the WWYLN second draft, the big blue sheet, and the little blue sheets with your group's questions for you.
  • We talked about what class would be like with no group work--and I stressed the importance of having quick, efficient transitions between group activities and other things.
  • We talked about why paragraphing is important.
Writing Tip
  • We talked about how poetry is different from pmrose.
  • We talked about how poems are written in stanzas sometimes, and how they have endline and line breaks.
  • I modeled with McKenzie and Brad how to do page 35 (breaking blobbed poems into lines).
  • We got into trios and worked on page 35.
  • We got back together as a group and talked about the reasons we broke the lines as we did (pretty much all the reasons listed at the bottom of page 34).
Writing Assignment/Workshop
  • Prompt Word Poem--I handed out the rubric, and most people went to work (due Thursday).
  • Fiction Writing Ideas--I put this up on the overhead (due Thursday).

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