Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, 11/10/2009

  • I had book conferences with a few people; others worked on their book reports.
  • We finished up book quick-chats, for people who needed to.
  • Most people read for seventy minutes or so.


Homework Due
  • Historical and Biographical Critical Approaches
  • Food image
Charles Dickens--A Christmas Carol
  • Nick, once again, read aloud from page 34, and as he did so, we pinned up our color pics of the food.
  • We broke into our three groups from yesterday to read and discuss the list of Victorian Parlour Games.  Each group decided on a game it would run for the class to play.
  • We played "Pass the Slipper" (or in our case, a monkey).
  • We played "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"--none of us lasted very long with the whole not-laughing thing.
Essay Writing
  • We spent about forty minutes on the third and final draft of the comparison/contrast essay, and we saved it into the Student Volume for discussion later.
  • Transformation Free Write (red handout)

EB Sharing
  • We read seven more people's EB faves today to practice reading aloud, and to practice being good listeners.

Writing Experiment #3
  • I Am a Russian Tailor--I read two examples from last year, and then we took ten minutes to start our own poem.
  • We traded with a partner, and smileyed our favorite three lines.
  • We went around the room, and everyone shared his/her best line.
  • We turned them in; we'll type them up and revise them in a few days.
Writing Assignment
  • Death of Language--we reviewed the assignment, and then everyone shared one of his/her words for the list.  We had thirty minutes of quiet worktime to think about and type our Death of Language lists.  This assignments is due on THURSDAY.
  • I continued reading the secrets, and people continued trying to guess who the secret belonged to.  We had time to reveal seven people.  We'll reveal the rest tomorrow!
  • Free Write #3--Making a Comback or This I Believe--write/type for twenty minutes on either topic.

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