Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, 11/9/2009

  • I explained how to do make-up reading.  I handed out a sheet where people can track their reading.
  • I explained the process for the carpet corner, and we started using it today.
  • I reminded people that today is the target date for finishing Book #1, if you're trying to stay on track for an "A".  Don't panic--just be aware, and modify your reading accordingly, if need be.
  • I handed out book review questions for people, and about a fourth of the class spent time typing book reports.


A Christmas Carol
  • We talked about the differences and similarities we saw between the movie and the novella.
  • Nick read pages 34-5 aloud, and some of our artists drew details from the feast on the board to get an idea of the richness of description.
  • We divided into three groups, and we discussed the green sheet questions (social criticism; time scheme; allegory; spirits; narrator; wealth) for about twenty minutes.
In-Class Worktime
  • Reread pages 34-5.  Select one element of the description.  Find a great image of it, then print it in color. Bring it with you tomorrow for display.
  • Read the handout on biographical information about Charles Dickens.  Use this information for a critical approach in reading A Christmas Carol.  List FIVE ways the biographical might have affected the story.
  • Read the handout on historical information on Victorian English.  Use this information for a critical approach in reading A Christmas Carol.  List FIVE ways historical events might have affected the story.
  • Finish anything you did not complete in class.
  • Keep working on your villanelle--it is due THURSDAY.


Homework Due
  • Journal #1
Earthbook Reading
  • We shared our favorite pieces for about fifteen minutes (seven readers).  We're practicing reading aloud in front of others, and we're practicing being good listeners.  People who didn't get to read today will read tomorrow or Wednesday.
Writing Lesson--Diction; How Language Changes Over Time
  • We tried our hand at matching animal groups with their appropriate word.  We found that many of these words are unfamiliar to us.
  • We got into trios and created brief scenarios to show how our assigned catchphrase would be used in context.  We performed these for each other.
  • We talked about how language changes over time, that some words go out of style, and some words die out from lack of use.  Other words are super-specific to one group of people, so they may never enter wide usage.
Writing Assignment--Death of Language
  • I went over this in detail, then gave everybody ten minutes to get started (due Wednesday).
  • I passed back the first three writing assignments.  
  • I passed out log-in sheets for folders, and everyone took time to log in writing assignments.
  • We taped our nametags onto our desks.
  • None, but Death of Language is due WEDNESDAY.

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