Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, 11/2/2009

  • I welcomed everyone to class.
  • I went over the expectations and procedures for class.
  • People toured the room and selected a book on which to start reading.
  • I explained the daily reading log, and everyone filled his/hers out today.
  • We read for about fifty forty-five minutes.

Organization and Reflection
  • We picked up our new book pages.
  • We discussed Edward Hirsch's comments on page 87.
  • We did Free Write #3--journal about any topic on your mind related to death, grief, loss, immortality....
  • I read Theodore Roethke's "Elegy for Jane" (p. 89) aloud.
  • In trios, we talked about the poem and responded to the RJ questions. 
  • We got back together as a class and discussed our responses.
  • We got with a partner and defined the new vocabulary words.
  • I read "To an Athlete Dying Young", then explained what people needed to do for homework--annotate three questions for class discussion; fill in the first column on p. 91.
  • I welcomed everyone, and I handed out textbook pages for binders.
  • People wrote down three questions they had about the class, and I answered some of them today, and I'll continue answering them over the next few days.
Writing Assignment
  • We did Free Write #1--ten minutes over a topic of your choosing.
  • We looked at portfolios from past classes.  We got an idea about what a portfolio is, and we talked about how people showed their creativity and their best work.  We filled out page 8 in the book, then talked about our ideas.
  • We read Earthbooks to get an idea of the kinds of things we'll be writing in class, and to find examples of what we consider "good writing".
  • Read pages 4-5 in your textbook, and fill out the worksheet so I know you know the information.

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