Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday, 4/9, and Tuesday, 4/14


The House on Mango Street
  • We talked about the motifs we didn't get to discuss yesterday.
  • We reread "The Monkey Garden" chapter.
  • We got into pairs, and we each drew eight things that we saw (or heard, or smelled) in the Monkey Garden on a poster.
  • We posted the posters at the front of the room, and we had a gallery walk.
Essay Writing (In-Class Writing Workshop)
  • We spent about five minutes filling out the yellow writing rubric for the "A Rose for Emily" essay, then turned those in.
  • We picked up copies of They Say/I Say, and put it in the writing section of our binder.
  • I handed out and went over the Mango essay guidelines, as well as a list of the motifs everyone in class came up with.
  • I handed out and went over the outline for this essay.
  • We spent the rest of the block reading "The Art of Citation", thinking about our topic, starting our outlines, and starting to write our essays.
  • We updated the yellow Reading Records, as needed.
  • We did book reports.
  • We read.

  • A few people did book reports, or signed up to do verbal book chats with me tomorrow.
  • A few people picked out new books.
  • Most people read all block.

  • We went to Breadeaux for seminar/lunch, and then we headed to the Public Library.
  • We found a quiet corner to read it, and we read and selected for about forty-five minutes.  The reading was very focused, and we decided a lot of pieces.

  • I read the villanelles for decisions.
  • We read and selected.

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