Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday, 3/19/2009


Homework Due
  • "On the Words in Poetry" RJ

  • We talked about the similarities and differences between "Elegy for Jane" and "To an Athlete Dying Young".  (question #5 on page 3)
  • We discussed "On the Words in Poetry" (pp. 6-7), and I read parts of "The Frosty Night" and "Jabberwocky".
  • Big Ideas from today's discussion included the definition of the word "sentimental", the military, women in the military, nursery rhymes.
The Bible
We continued the Bible Powerpoints, and we heard about the following:
  • Crossing the Red Sea
  • Job
  • Jonah and the Whale
  • Rebekah
  • Abigail
  • Moses and the Burning Bush

  • Read "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night" on page 8.
  • Do #1-4 for the RJ.
  • We went to Stewart to eat lunch and go to recess with our first-grade buddies.  We read our stories aloud to our buddies, and they read their stories to us.

  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio Reflection
  • Portfolio pink sheet, filled out, with reasonings for your self-assessments

Homework Due
  • Revision Peer Conference #3

Writing Workshop
We worked on the following:
  • Printed a hard copy of the two pieces you want in the class book, and gave them to me
  • Completed the fourth peer conference for revisions
  • Created final drafts of four revisions
  • Saved four pieces into Earthbook folder

  • Finalize four revisions.
  • Bring party food, drink and utensils.

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