Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday, 12/3/2008


Third block met as usual.
Fourth block did not meet due to a 1:10 dismissal.  :-)

Fiction Circle:
Today we started with reading stories, and we read Martha's, Tyler's, and Ashley's.

For tomorrow, we're reading and marking up Ariel's, Andy's and Adriana's.

Writing Mini-Lesson
  • We talked about diction (word choice).  We looked at four sentences on the big screen and organized them from least vivid to most vivid.  (This should be reflected in your notes on page 52.)  
  • We looked at the Sandra Cisneros sentence and talked about how ONE WORD CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  :-)  (This should be reflected in your notes on page 52.)
Writing Experiment
Life at Thirty (or "Forty", if you prefer)

Writing Experiment #11:  Today is your thirtieth birthday.  Tell me what your life is like!  

Here are some things you might want to consider:
living situation
environment (living on the moon?)
satisfaction with life (happiness?)
social standing
economic status
physical appearance
health and well-being

We spent about ten or fifteen minutes writing these.  Sometime next week, I'll read them aloud, and we'll try to guess whose is whose.  Thanks to Katie for this idea!

Mark up stories for Ariel, Andy and Adriana, please.

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