Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, 12/2/2008

Homework Due:
  • We turned in our Musical Memories.
  • I looked at everyone's marked-up stories, and we talked a bit about how "marked-up" means "marked-up"!  :-)  I passed around an example of what "marked-up" actually looks like.
Writing Experiment:
We made a Wish List, sorted into three categories:
  • little things we wish for (new dry erase markers; new size 10 white Vans)
  • big things, more special things (no arguments in the morning; black 1967 Chevelle)
  • things that would change the world (an end to starvation; an end to littering; a cure for cancer; that each person on the planet had someone that loved him/her)
We spent ten minutes talking about our items, before and after the writing time, and we spent ten minutes on the actual writing of the list.

Unit Final:
We asked all the questions on page 31 (big questions over Unit 2), and we made sure we could answer them as a class, verbally.

Fiction Circle:
We read three more stories today:
  • 3rd--Angela, Kelsey David
  • 4th--Ryan, Jonte, Jeremy

We gave people verbal comments after they finished reading, then passed them our written comments.

Prep stories for tomorrow (listed below) by reading them and MARKING THEM UP!   Comment on the stories the way you want people to comment on yours--it's the Golden Rule, people!  :-)
  • 3rd:  Martha, Tyler, Ashley
  • 4th:  Isaac, Wes, Katie

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