Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, 12/5/2008

Happy Friday!

I'm not going to be here this afternoon; Mr. C. is your sub.  I'm going to attempt to predict the future, and say what you all did today.  :-)

Small Sharing Groups
We got into our small sharing groups, went to our reading rooms, and each read three writing pieces to our group.  

Fiction Circle
3rd Block:  Adriana, Becca, Erin, Sam
4th Block:  MacKenzie, Macy Dustin, Rachel, Teesha

You got your grades from Mr. C, and you got a handout with the homework on it--Writing Experiment #13.  It's a poem.  Choose one of the four options, and work some magic, people.   :-)  
Also, if you want to make up any of the assignments I listed on the homework sheet, do so, and hand them in Monday, 12/8.  I will not accept them after that time.

Have a great weekend, monkeys!

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