Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, 12/12/2008

Hello, monkeys.

I handed out the homework worksheet, which included the following:
  • Theme for English B
  • Santa Helper Name and Job
  • Revision and Portfolio Thinking
We discussed them until everyone had strong examples, and knew what was expected of him/her.

We did a paper pass-back, a grade sheet hand-out, and a folder log-in.  People spent some time getting organized and thinking about which pieces they would want to revise and/or put in their portfolios.  Some people talked with me about grades or make-up work.

Life at Thirty
We read half of the pieces, and we jotted down details and made guesses about who we thought each one was written by.  We'll continue the reading on Tuesday.

All items on your green handout should be thoughtfully and thoroughly completed.

Have a great three-day weekend!  :-)

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