Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Today we read ten more class poems (collaborative circle poems) from yesterday.  We also picked a couple of writers and read only their lines, just for kicks.  :-)

If you didn't get to read your Class Poem #1 yesterday or today, you'll read tomorrow.

Fiction Workshop Circle:
Today we talked about how the fiction workshop circle works.  Each of us gets a copy of a story, and we read and comment on the story PRIOR TO the author's reading it aloud in class.  We comment on any aspect of the writing--diction, sentence structure, imagery, title, editing....
  • In third block, Nick read his story aloud, and we stopped and talked about what kinds of comments we should be making--specific, clear, thoughtful....
  • In fourth block, Brittany read her story aloud, and we did the same with discussion.

Reading Workshop:
We had thirty minutes to read and comment on three stories.  We talked about the importance of reading carefully, and of doing our best work.  These authors will read their stories aloud tomorrow in class.
  • Third block:  Nolan, Becka and Courtney
  • Fourth block:  Morgan, Chelsea, and Colton
The Musical Memory Journal is due Tuesday, 12/2, when we get back from break.

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