Monday, February 16, 2015

Creative Writing--Thursday, 2/12/15

Day Twenty-Five--Thursday, 2/12/15
Class = 1:10-2:20

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Please change the name of yesterday’s assignment as follows:
    2. Share it with me
    3. Make sure it is CAN EDIT

Writing Lesson:  Make Strong Paragraphs.
Why do we need this lesson?  (Think about your pair cliché stories, your fifty-word stories, and your personal essays.)
1.      Beginning a New Paragraph—page 42
2.     Let’s read it aloud together.
3.     Now practice what you just learned:  put paragraphs into the excerpt from John Green on page 42.  Use the paragraph symbol to show where there should be a paragraph.
5.    Discuss when and where and why you broke your paragraphs with a partner I give you, making changes if needed. (started 1:32)
6.   When you and your partner finish your discussion, come get the John Green’s paragraphs from me.  Discuss the following:
a.    How are your paragraph breaks similar?  Why?
b.   How are yours different?  Why?
c.    When I call you, come up to the screen for a chat.  Bring your page 42!
8.   After we finish our discussion, write your name at the top of page 42, turn it into the drawer, please.

Collaborative Writing—Partner Dialogue Story
·      Begin with the End in Mind!  We’re studying today’s lessons, so we can write this story tomorrow.
1.     Take a look at the model:  “A Tale of Two Cougars” on page 48.
2.     You’re going to write your own story with a partner tomorrow.
3.     Open a google doc, which you’ll share with your partner and me first thing!
a.    Use the MLA format for heading.
b.    BOTH PARTNERS type on the story.
c.     Apply what you learned from the writing lessons about PARAGRAPHING and about WRITING AND EDITING DIALOGUE.  Please and thank you!

Writing Lesson:  Write and edit DIALOGUE effectively.
1.      Dialogue Worksheet (p. 44)
2.     Dialogue (pages 45-6)
3.     Words to Use Instead of “Said” (page 47)
4.   Keep your work until tomorrow, and we’ll check it and discuss it before we write our Partner Dialogue Story!

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