Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Advanced CW--Friday, January 30th, 2015

Day Seventeen--Friday, January 30th, 2015

WhenWhen You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.    Don’t let anyone see your Post Secret postcards.

Post Secret Turn-In
1.   Flash me your “secret” Post-Secret, then drop it in the envelope.
2.  Flash me your  “non-secret” Post-Secret, then put it face-down on my desk.  Don’t let anyone see it!

Peer Conference:  Photo Memory Memoir Trade and Grade (p. 51)--you must complete all the following with energy, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness in order to receive an excellent grade on this peer conference.
  1. Give page 51 to your partner.
  2. Show your partner your photo.
  3. Read your partner’s memoir (in the class folder).
  4. Make at least ten comments in the margins, ESPECIALLY on the rubric items, but also everything else.
  5. Highlight best five diction words in yellow.
  6. Fill out the RIGHT column of scores on page 51.
  7. Fill in all the blanks on page 51 (evidence for your grading).
  8. Sign page 51 it in big letters at the bottom, then give it back to your partner.

Revision:  Class Poem Lines
  1. Read page 28, highlighting ten bits of advice you’ll use when you revise your class poem lines.
  2. Review your Personal Poetry Element List on google drive.  What poetic elements have you failed to use thus far in a poem?  Select three you’ll attempt in your revision today.
  3. Open your google doc with your lines (Robot Typing).
  4. Type the three elements you’re working to include in this poem revision today.
  5. Revise this poem so that it’s one you’re proud of, using the questions and tips on page 28.  
  6. Make at least twenty changes, and remember, this poem can become anything you want it to be!  
  7. Bring all your knowledge, wisdom, and creativity to bear on this bad boy.
  8. When you think you’re finished revising, go to “file,” then “see revision history,” and make sure you have at least twenty changes.
  9. Leave it in the folder it’s already in for me to read.  Thanks!
  10. Put your name at the top of page 28, and throw it in the drawer.

As Soon As You Come Back from Lunch
  1. Re-read the assignment directions, then continue on the Class Poem Line Revision.
  2. If you finish before I call time, browse the pinterest board for ideas for next week.

Brain Pain--starts at 1:10/1:15


Don’t Be Left Defenseless

In the next five minutes, make a list of words that contain only one vowel, but repeat that vowel sound at least twice.  What’s the longest such word you can think of?

Examples: solo cataract aardvark excellent
  1. hubbub
  2. lollypop
  3. Tennesee
  4. pollo
  5. Infinity
  6. YOLO

The Sounds of Silence

The letter “e” often is unpronounced when it appears at the ends of words.  We don’t pronounce the “e” at the end of “pronounce”, for instance.  Other letters are also occasionally silent.  We don’t normally think of the letter “n” as silent, but it is in the word “autumn”.

In the next five minutes, go through the alphabet and, for each letter, see how many words you can think of in which that letter is not pronounced.


  1. corps
  2. hymn
  3. doubt
  4. thought
  5. would
  6. tomb
  7. Sign
  8. opossum
  9. knight
  10. knife

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